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BTL Surpass is happy to provide a variety of services in implementation and test delivery.

At BTL Surpass, we have experience supporting our clients in a variety of ways, including running workshops, undertaking center engagement activities and carrying out marketing campaigns. As a trusted assessment provider we are delighted to offer our professional range of implementation and test delivery services to selected partners.

Assessment Services – Training and Support


Training support ranges from a comprehensive collection of online help and knowledge, through to tailor-made, face-to-face product training. Customers and users have access to updates, best practice guides and information delivered through a rich-media portal of video and software simulations, alongside printable documentation that is continuously being updated by out Documentation and Training team. Additional training can always be requested and we are happy to train on location, if this works better for your organization.

  • Face-to-face training ensures any initial questions are answered efficiently
  • Online rich-media portal offers resources in video and written documentation formats
  • Dedicated Documentation Team continually updating resources


We have a huge amount of experience in the learning and assessment sector, and work closely with our partners and clients to implement and monitor changes and improvements. We’re happy to assist with developing custom assessment solutions for your individual needs, or work with partner educational specialists to provide you with technology and industry knowledge.

  • Over 30 years of working closely with partners and clients
  • Extensive knowledge of the learning and assessment sector
  • In-house capabilities for developing bespoke solutions, tailored to your needs


Our support desk helps customers to deal with technical requests or general product advice, and we also offer an option to train your existing support staff to deal with Surpass Platform inquiries, a popular choice with some larger clients. In addition, dedicated Service Delivery Managers are on hand to ensure the smooth operation of your high-stakes assessment process.
Technical Support is also available for authors and implementation staff.

  • User support available for candidates
  • Optional training available for your own support teams
  • Dedicated Service Delivery Managers

 Test Center Network

The Test Center Network is a global collection of approved examination facilities that allows you to deliver your exams with the same confidence as in a local test center. BTL Surpass approved global test centers are regularly audited to ensure not only security, but that the comfort of your students is prioritized, enabling them to perform to the best of their ability.

  • A global network of high quality professional testing locations
  • High quality examination facilities to support session-based assessments
  • Audited centers to ensure quality of delivery remains consistently high
  • Professional and trained staff to perform security checks, and assessment invigilation and proctoring
  • Secure, comfortable and modern locations ensuring the candidates remain focused throughout the assessment
  • A B2B managed service ensuring your assessment cycle runs smoothly

Professional Facilities & Staff

Global Test Center Network

Paper-Based Delivery

Multi Device Delivery

Secure Remote Proctoring

Our flexible, customer-focused approach provides customers with a tailor-made range of solutions and services specific to their business needs.

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Assessment Services – Design and Development

 Customized Services and Packages

Making the decision to buy/license an existing assessment platform, or build your own, often comes down to how your requirements differ from market trends. Surpass is a customer-driven product influenced by the needs of the market.

BTL Surpass has implemented a successfully proven Sponsored Development Team model to provide customers and partners with the ability to build features that bring value to their market and business growth.

Because we operate an agile approach to development, additional teams sponsored by our customers and partners can create features within Surpass, giving the option to build what matters to your organization on top of an already excellent product. It’s better than an open source approach, since all development is supported and quality checked by professionals, therefore everyone benefits without the uncontrollable risks of open source development.

 Custom Development

All Surpass users are encouraged to use our “Uservoice” feedback process to suggest changes as part of a community contribution to the product roadmap. We also understand that not every ‘off-the-shelf’ solution is a perfect fit, and in this scenario we can work together to undertake professional tailored development.

  • “Uservoice” encourages collaborative development between clients and designers
  • Developers can undergo custom projects based on your specific needs


Our in-house Quality Assurance Team provides a holistic testing approach to improvements made to the Surpass system and is host to many qualified technicians.

  • Holistic testing approaches carried out by ISEB and ISQTB qualified technicians
  • ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 27001 accredited


With expertise in the team ranging across User Interface, Fine Detail and Graphic Design for Print & Screen, we ensure that Surpass is the most user-friendly, convenient to use tool on the market. We can also help to integrate your company’s values and branding into your assessment solutions.

Test Delivery Services

As a trusted assessment provider, BTL Surpass is delighted to offer our professional range of test delivery services to selected partners. We provide scalable volume testing through multiple delivery channels at a range of physical test locations or via real-time remote proctoring.

  • Access to a global Test Center Network, with consistent high standards and quality
  • A proactive, forward-thinking community that contributes and shares in technology and service developments
  • Best-of-breed technology designed specifically for high-stakes secure assessment
  • Responsive and caring services that ensure the candidate has the best possible experience
Assessment Services – Project Management and Implementation

Engaging in technological developments and implementation can be a complex exercise, but our qualified project management team is here to support through that process. We work with you to use the right project controls and processes for the undertaking.

Our implementation specialists are on hand to ensure the integration of your current systems goes as smoothly as possible.

  • Assured smooth implementation with existing systems
  • Reliable and experienced PRINCE2 project management team

What Our Clients Say

“BTL is very responsive to inquiries and always willing to discuss alternatives and possible solutions to ensure each Client is provided the necessary features to drive a satisfactory Candidate experience. ”


“When we saw Surpass we were really excited about it! It was a fully web-based solution. It didn’t require that users install anything on their machines, so that made it much easier to use and all the features were designed to be intuitive. Without any formal training, an item author could go in and start using Surpass to create items. That was really a key reason why we selected BTL. ”

The National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME)

“BTL are flexible and sensitive to end user needs; they have developed a unique assessment tool in the Advanced Question Type, combining the functionality of word-processing and computational aspects of spread sheeting. BTL works hard to meet the customer's suggested improvements and changes and can be relied upon to work with both customer and end-user feedback to improve the product.”

The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW)

“Our external members benefit by having a tool that gives them the ability to see the item online, to be able to get real-time updates on how that item is progressing through the life cycle, along with being able to see how the item would be rendered and seen by the examinee when they would take that particular exam. So, it’s extremely important for them to be able to see how that item that they are creating would be seen. ”

The National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME)

“The system itself looks good and is intuitive to use, especially in comparison to other systems I have seen.”

The Royal College of Pediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH)

“Always available by call or email and genuinely provide quick support which was particularly helpful when I first moved into my current role.”


“We collaborate on many levels, whether that be them providing us with information to help train our users, or adding new features to Surpass to support the unique requirements of new clients that want to work NBME. That collaboration is ongoing and we’re constantly feeding more information back to BTL, so they can improve our products to better meet our current and future client needs.”

The National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME)

“Offers a coherent one-stop-shop provision for assessment purposes allowing for a manageable interface for both center needs and system users. ”

Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA)

“Good product - the best on the market, innovative - willing and able to try new things and push the envelope of what the product can do, customer focussed developments - responsive to customer needs.”

Assessment and Qualifications Alliance (AQA)

“The APIs are vital for us to be able to integrate with our downstream legacy systems. It provides a high-level of security, it reduces the manual work needed to get information in and out of the systems, and we wouldn’t be able to do all of our processes and administer an exam without having an API integration with our systems. ”

The National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME)